Help me copy and paste screens

I’m new to app inventor and I’d like to know if it’s possible to copy and paste a screen with all its content, and if so how. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, I cant import files into that test server. It says my file name must start with a letter and only contain letters underscores and numbers, my file has that but it still doesn’t work.
Is it instead possible to create buttons that lead to the same screen but in a different state?

the question is, why are you copying screens? this is considered bad programming practice...

DRY - Don't repeat yourself...

you should separate data and logic and with for example only one screen together with the logic you can handle as much data as you want... no need to copy screens...


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Taifun I want to copy screens because I am making multiple levels that are similar in code

Exactly. Reuse the components of one screen for different levels (what if you had 100 levels?)

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