Copy and paste screens

Hello, I have an Question:
is it possible to copy and paste screens?
And when yes, how?

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If you had searched the forum FAQ you would find this:

the question is, why are you copying screens? this is considered bad programming practice...

DRY - Don't repeat yourself...

you should separate data and logic and with for example only one screen together with the logic you can handle as much data as you want... no need to copy screens...


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Copying and pasting a Screen might make sense if you added a Screen2 and
belatedly discovered that you should have stuck with just Screen1.

In the Designer, try doing a Ctrl-C on the Arrangement in Screen2 you want to copy,
then switch back to Screen1 and try a Ctrl-V in the Designer, to
bring over the Arrangement and its Components.

(I am not sure this is in production yet. You might have to do it on one of the test servers.)


We didn’t understand each other, I have 2 apps:
App1 detects latitude and longitude (plus many other things)
App2 detects WiFi signals (plus many other things)
These data are visible on the label.
I want to bring the components of designers (which are more than those of the labels) from App2 to App1 to build a new App that includes App1 and App2.
Something like backpack, but for the designer components.
Is there any software to do this?
Thank you

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Project merger tool

You can try!searchin/mitappinventortest/renaming$20screen|sort:date/mitappinventortest/JGJ9lgn9YbY/pzNseEX4CwAJ

In Kodular. Copy Screen

From the doc: " The tool allows for multiple developers to work on different screens of the app and then merge them together."

This tool is useless if you have a one screen app. It’s designed to merge separate apps into separate screens in one app.

I too have a question I am using iPad how will I take blocks from the bagpack

Please reply
This is the MIT App Inventor Backpack Documentation

This should have been put under a correct topic!

Kindly wait for sometime, i dont think you will get a reply in a minute after posting a question

It worked perfectly - this is the answer. I was trying to copy the orientation and it moved it over easily. THANKS!