Help Extension Mbot2 (and Mbot1)

Is the Bluetooth mbot chip paired with your Android?

See Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle Operation Guide | Makeblock Education . It discuses pairing. or use MakeBlocks instead of App Inventor. :cry:

What Android version are you using. This discussion suggests the .the 2.0.4.aix extension on the mbot site does not work with Android 11+ .

This discussion might be useful Sending data to mBot via Bluetooth - mBot - Makeblock Forum See where one user used this MIT App Inventor Code on the Android: (3.1 KB) and he says You will need to pair the mBot with the Android device using the Bluetooth settings 1st, then connect within the app.

I forgot to specify that the connection is made from my android phone.
The connection was working fine last year....

Please note it is Mbot + Bluthoot card

Last year I managed to connect Mbot1 with Appinventor applications.

But there, impossible....
I thought it was from the card but the provider told me no.

It tells me about connection problem because of android 12...
I took an old tablet with an old android and it does not work better....

You can see, the message I have on my phone...

Put aia project here.

Thanks I didn't see your reply sorry

you have to ask for permissions, see also


Thank you, I try tomorrow with the students.
I add this routine like that, in addition to the initial program?

And in case it still does not work, drag a bluetooth client component into the working area without using it to get the required permissions in the manifest


I don't think there's something I doesn't work.

mBot.aia (235.6 KB)

Then follow the next tip.

I don't understand the next tip.....sorry

Add a built-in bluetooth component to your project.
Designer screen:

  • Connectivity
    • BluetoothClient

I added the:

Bluetooth client

But I still don't see the Mbot whether with an old or new Android

I forgot something??

Do you see the mbot in the list of paired or unpaired devices in android bluetooth settings?

Or can you see the mbot with a regular bluetooth component?

When you added the bluetoothClient component, are you still getting this error?

No, I don't get any more errors.

I think it comes from makeblock's bluethoot map.

Because when I try to appear the mbot, I have this message which appears "An application is required to use this device"

It seems that we can find a solution so that the phone connects automatically...

I don't know if I'll make it, my robot contest is falling apart...

Try it:

AddressesAndNames from component BluetoothClient.

Are you using mbot2 or mbot1?

I'm on the Mbot1+bluetooth card because I've been told it won't work with mbot2.

have you tried?