Help Extension Mbot2 (and Mbot1)

Then follow the next tip.

I don't understand the next tip.....sorry

Add a built-in bluetooth component to your project.
Designer screen:

  • Connectivity
    • BluetoothClient

I added the:

Bluetooth client

But I still don't see the Mbot whether with an old or new Android

I forgot something??

Do you see the mbot in the list of paired or unpaired devices in android bluetooth settings?

Or can you see the mbot with a regular bluetooth component?

When you added the bluetoothClient component, are you still getting this error?

No, I don't get any more errors.

I think it comes from makeblock's bluethoot map.

Because when I try to appear the mbot, I have this message which appears "An application is required to use this device"

It seems that we can find a solution so that the phone connects automatically...

I don't know if I'll make it, my robot contest is falling apart...

Try it:

AddressesAndNames from component BluetoothClient.

Are you using mbot2 or mbot1?

I'm on the Mbot1+bluetooth card because I've been told it won't work with mbot2.

have you tried?


I see this address. Which is better since before I couldn't see anything...

But I have the impression that the bluetooth card is preventing me from connecting...

Try extracting the MAC address itself. If the app will only connect to your Mbot, you don't need to select the device from the list. You can connect to a fixed MAC address: 70:3E:97:53:4C:B5.

Try to connect using only the Mac address without the device name...

Use the split at spaces block together with the Listpicker.Selection and select the first item from the list to get the Mac address


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like that?


you can find the split at spaces block in the text drawer


  1. Use the blue block "item from list at index" from the List drawer. Append it to "addresse" instead of "Mbot2.selection".
  2. In the "list" slot, attach the red split at space block from the Text drawer (this is what Taifun is talking about).
  3. To the "index" slot, attach a blue math block and type 1 into it.
  4. Add "Mbot2.selection" to the "split at space" block.

it doesn't work.. but i really think it's hardware...
I have the impression that the new makeblock Bluetooth card, prevents any connection to the mbot if it is not with their software .....

If not, I have no idea.

Thank you both for taking your time to help me.

What do you mean it doesn't work? What's wrong, message?

What is this card? Is it the bluetooth module? show a picture of this module.

Perhaps the new module is bluetooth Le. Like in mbot2. Can't you use the old BT module?

please show us a Do it result

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

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