Problem with mBot robot

Hi everyone. I'm trying to take the control of my mBot robot but it doesn't work
I can connect my smartphone (android 11) to the robot, but nothing happens.
I took over a year old program that was's the same thing, nothing works.

I'm using the makebock 2.0.4 extension.

Are ther changes with the programming of the mBot robot ?


Do you mean this advice from MakeBlock. Use mBot with App Inventor - Makeblock They provided the code so you might contact them for advice and information about their extension.

This is not an App Inventor Project although it uses AI. MakeBlock should help you obtain the latest extension.

I'll try to contact MakeBlock.
Everything was working fine past year and now it doesn't.

Thanks for your reply.

Hello Biwoa

The MakeBlock site is a bit misleading about App Inventor, you should use the regular App Inventor 2 site : to create your App.

Can you post the Project file here?
Export Project

Also, which mBot do you have?