Help displaying list information in seperate fields and amending to it

Good Evening All

I would like some help please displaying the information saved to my list in another view and to be able to update and alter certain bits of information already saved at a later date. I Have attached my project so you can see more clearly what i'm referring to. Screen3 is the issue. Please help as i'm at my witts end and this needs to be done asap.
Stock_it2 (1).aia (23.2 KB)

It is not obvious (to me at least) from your words above what your problem is. Perhaps write out the workflow, with pen and paper, then it may become clear to you want you need to do, or enable you to more easily explain your problem. Put together some example but relevant blocks...

From your blocks, I see you are attempting to do accounting for the purchase and sale of various items in various quantities and prices, perhaps to determine profit and loss.

To do that, you need tables (lists of lists).

I suggest working up a spreadsheet of sales and purchases, drawing on the expertise of a book on accounting (search terms: retail sales accounting)

From your blocks, I see that you have not yet mastered how to work with tables:

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