Help about speech recognizer continous without limit time

someone can helpme how to forze to use speech recognizer continuos without limit time. i know about parrot but i dont understand exactly how to use this for textbox and get no limit time. i get from kodular and other page about extension speech continuos like this links [FREE] Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue - Extensions - Kodular Community and other this AI2 Speech Recognizer someone can help me?

Did you try the example app and experiment using your microphone? Parrot can provide continuous recognition (more or less) or not depending on how you use it

Do you know the SpeechRecognizer must be used with microphone input. The SpeechRecognizer cannot be used with an audio file.

You already noted several possible ways for continuous voice recognition using extensions. What more do you want? They provide various ways of dealing with the limitations of Google speech recognition.

i have a new idea and it is to use a list to input text from the maximum time of speech recognizer to automatic stop and on for loading the text. the audio same, so when the speech recognizer stop, the audio stop and restart speech recognizer for again write in the textbox. its possible to restart the speechrecognizer with some block?

If so, it is documented here> SpeechRecognizer

You are not listening .. " The SpeechRecognizer cannot be used with an audio file. " as an input instead of the device microphone.

If you want to show/capture audio from a sound file (and not use a microphone), don't use the SpeechRecognizer. Consider instead one of these possible alternatives:

one question about parrot is how can get to stop and get text for restart. in the tutorial dont explain that with blocks. so i am not sure how can build my block for get the text in list view about my speech to text repetly and fill out the column list view in every row. could you explain me how to do that please?

Use the Clear ALL button.

?? What does that mean?

The example works with a ListView to show and repeat the spoken text. Make sure the volume of your device is turned up so you can hear it.