Hello, How do I get my data out of an array and place them in their respective textboxes? I am pulling the data from mysql database

This what I have tried

Error message

Please change from your server side, to let the script to return a string in format of csv table :

username, buzinessName,businessNumber,businessEmail \n

or json object.:

[{'username':"tab", 'buzinessName':"Barclay", 'businessNumbe':"0722", 'businessEmail':"barclay@gmail.com" },....]

Thanks. I am actually new to the MIT app inventor environment
I just did and got this error.

You need image to convert your responseContent to AI2 List/Dictionary

@Kevinkun , Thanks.
I solved it

I have tried but keep getting this error

What I've done so far

Try JSONDecodeWithDictionaries on that incoming JSON text.

Also search this board for YAML for an extension-free way to show tables.

Where did you find that extension ? Do you have a link for it ?

This is the

taken from App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


I merged your post with a previous one.

You already have a solution, but why not do it as per solution?

To show data in a table, I suggest to use this extension:
[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

To show a table, you just need to do:

You need to change your responseContent to a list of list.

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