Have an idea for an Extension?

You can do this with the existing blocks.

I'll look into it

From what I just read in a couple of different articles, in order to access shared_prefs the device would need to be rooted.

Thanks a lot Ken and ABG, (I was on this way)

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Thanks for looking. That probably explains why I couldn’t find shared_prefs poking around the mount points returned by the various shell extensions using the ls command.

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Following Juan's guide and using his extension, just needs to be an installed app

admob extension but for app inventor only

Not going to happen :wink:

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firebase analytics extension would be great or firebase cloud massanging they may help build better apps

What about having a vertical scroll arrangment with get and set scroll position ?
I have a tableArrangement of more than 50 rows of 3 buttons each within a verticalScrollArrangment and every time I click on a button, the scroll is reset to the top. I would like to remind the position and go back to the position where that button was clicked.
In other words I would like that clicking a button had no effect of the scroll position.
(Sorry for my english).
Thanks for reading until here!

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Sorry once again, clicking the button does nothing bad. Its what I do in my app that must do something wrong.
But, still, it would be useful…

Have you tried this extension:

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First of all, Ken, thank you for your reply.
No, I have not tried this extension because Google did not point it out when I looked for “appinventor scroll position” and similar things.
In the future, I will keep Urls of these extension lists to seach in.

In the mean time, I have discover what resets my VerticalScrollArrangment and found that making it not visible did not reset it (when making it visible again), which was what I was looking for.

So everything is working well now
Thank to all of you.

(Im making a app to order things for a friend having a food truck.
List of the dishes and corresponding pictures are loaded from Internet)

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I have some ideas
cardview support android X
And also

Top bar

Bottom bar

See here:

It is just an idea :grin:

@ken can you make extension like CloudDB or can you make redislabs authentication

you might want to search in the extensions directory next time...

taken from there (After doing a search for scroll)
Vertical Scroll Arrangement AddOn Extension by Andres Daniel
Scroll Arrangement Handler Extension (V2) by ColinTree
ScrollBar Extension by Ken
Title ScrollView Extension by Deep Host


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Thank you Taifun!
Ill keep this in a safe place.

Have a good day.