Have an idea for an Extension?

@ken Understood! But nonetheless, thank you for your generosity and community support. God bless and stay healthy


Hi @Ken and others, what about wallpaper extension? There has been several requests about this over the years but only solution from what I can tell is activity starter

Hey, I’m working on a notification system between AI2, ESP8266 and HC05.
I want to ask if is it possible to have an extension that read system/app notification and send them through internet connection and readable from ESP8266 in order to display them on an OLED.
Thank you :grinning:

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if there is a solution to use the activity starter, then just use it... no need to create an extension for this
see also Redirecting to Google Groups

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Sorry, I wouldn't know where to start with this.
Maybe someone else will have some ideas.

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Here information about ESP8266:


Thank you @Juan_Antonio, I will check this but is it possible through app inventor get all notification text that appear on my Android?

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Android has getActiveNotifications, but App Inventor does not work with Services.


@Juan_Antonio So, theoritically is it possibile to work on a new extension that do this?

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@Juan_Antonio just want to make sure I’m understanding this right. Using your current solution with the webview, you can send information to a WiFi enabled device via WiFi without having to go through a router or the internet? You’d have to be within maybe like 30 feet. And you and @mattiaapoz are wondering if you can get all the notifications from the wifi enabled device back (have the information sent back to you)? And you’re wondering if it is a good idea to make this kind of thing an extension? If this is what you guys are saying and this is possible then I’d strongly urge you two to get working on this immediately. And consider my interest peaked, this is interesting.

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@mike @Juan_Antonio I think that Thing has sense if android sends active notification through internet (not necessarily through wifi connection) and when esp8266 detect a new string or something on the web page it gets all the info for display information. It could be even more interesting connect the android app via qr code or an alphanumeric code to the esp8266, in this way just the esp8266 verified from android could get notification from that device.


@mike @Mattia_Pozzato
To work efficiently with Notifications, you must use Services, App Inventor does not work with Services.
Check out these links:


@Juan_Antonio so with App Inventor is impossibile to do what I need, is it?

I don’t know if someone can and wants to do it.

More information on this topic:

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@Ken if you want I’ve got some time to dedicate :grinning:

Id have an idea. Since this school year im working with mikrocontrollers in school and for my project im working on a “Infinity Led Cube”. I thought id be great to controll it with an app so i started to work on it. Up to now i have some Ledmodes and I send the data to my esp32 through UDP (thx to Ullis Roboter Seite). Now i would love to add a mode to analyze and view Songs. There are a couple of solutions online but since my project has a 50€ cap to spend on i cant really buy microphones, chips, resistor and capacitor sets. So i started to search for another solution. I came across some JS Videos but they dont really do the job for me. They rely on microphone input. The problem with that is, that when you play a rather quiet song or anything it wouldnt work that well and a “song picker” wouldnt allow me to play Youtube/ Soundcloud songs. Thats why I tried to make a extension for MIT App Inventor to take the audio output of the Smartphone and analyze it and then send the data to my esp32. The only problem is that I just began learning C++ this year and for this little thing it would take a lot of time for me to understand and write the extension in Java. So to come to an end:

The idea:
A (maybe FFT based) Audio-output anaylzer, 8 baneded, that returns strings (im sending strings through my UDP). The big thing is that it shouldnt rely on a microphone. I should just take the output (so i can use Bluetooth i.e.)



PS: If you´d like to see the code from my esp32 id be more than happy to send it to you. :slight_smile:

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Not long ago, to ai2 was added dictionary. You can do an extension that would sort the dictionary by key.

See the Sound Analysis extension here (uses device micrphone)


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I have very little experience with microcontrollers.
My son and I used a ProMicro to make a midi device a few months ago but that is all.
I had to Google esp32 to figure out what it was…

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m the right person for this particular job.

Currently an extension is unable to add Service elements to the manifest so this isn’t possible without having to manually editing the manifest after the .apk is compiled.