Has AI2 lost my projects

today the appinventor no longer shows me my current projects, but only those from 2014. who can help?

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Are you logging in with the same account as usual?

yes, I think so.
I have bookmarked a link so I don't have to do a real "login".
However, I changed my Google password yesterday.

So you do have multiple Google Accounts?

No, not in the moment. Maybe there was an OTHER Account in 2014...will say: i logged in with an other email/password combination.

OK, that's the problem I was expecting.

App Inventor projects are tied to the google address, so if you have a Google account with multiple addresses or the Google address changes, App Inventor will not be able to identify it as the same account.

I can transfer your projects from one Google address to another if that's what works best. I will need a private message with the old address, the new one, and some information about the projects in the account to help verify ownership.

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