[Guide] How to use the CLOCK

I wonder if writing these pause procedures correlates with having a sleep disorder, where the coder retires to their bed at night but just lies there all night staring at their clock?

I knew some one with an autistic child. The child never slept at night. It wrecked the parent's health.

The Clock Timer requires a leap of faith.

It requires you to fall off the end of your current Event block, and accept that control will resume in a Clock Timer or another Event block.

This may come as a surprise to people who started out coding in non-event oriented environments.


Is true, I change my program, with enable a clock, and change the action with a variable, then disable the cloc. Is easier. Thanks TIMAI2

Did you mention which builder are you using, I don't think this is MIT App Inventor, at all :thinking:

Hi I am very new to this site so I don't know anything, this will probably will be of use to me!

Actually looks like it is App Inventor - it's just the colour resolution of the screen the images were captured from?


actually, it looks like kodular, which is not app inventor

and the checkboxes of the properties look so purple but in app inventor it's blue

Actually, it really doesn't matter....


But if the things are different on another builder, I am only concerned abut that...

Clearly the Blocks are identical in function if not in colour (which is why I doubted they were Kodular blocks as they didn't burn holes in my eyes) Of course, they could indeed be Kodular blocks but as Tim points out, it doesn't matter in this specific case.


Oh so now I get it... :wink:

Yes you are right. But as there were a lot of "Do It's" I performed to get the desired outputs to make the guide, it would have been quite tedious for me to do the same in the App Inventor builder once again. Hence I just took snaps of the Kodular blocks, where I was working initially.


ok ok its fine

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Hello, Thanks for the guide.Question: Where do I download the clock1 extension? Thanks

Clock1 is a component in the Designer Sensors Drawer.
It is not an extension.

ABG Thanks.I think that has been removed in my MIT version.



Just check you have the toolkit set to all in Screen1.properties....

Thanks, guys. I came in the option shown in the image below and messed around, and now I have the clock option.

Thanks. Your suggestions did help me.