Set Time Zone without using device time

Excellent tutorial.
i have problem to make my app.
I want give time zone in app always.
Means i want set real time zone in my country in label.
But i can uncheck automatically time zone in my phone.
So set fake time in label.
I want my app start in real time and not in fake time.
There is permission or block in app inventor to must set real time zone in phone?
Totaly i want my app only run,when mobile time zone set always true.
Thank you dear.

You should get the time from the internet, and not the device.

How can give time from internet?
So my app is offline.

And your user is always disconnected from the internet or data connection ? Require a network connection of some kind for first use, get the network time before allowing app to continue, then "disconnect" from the world. You only need the "real time" once, but you could check things are in sync from time to time, especially if a device changes time zones.

So you say must make online app?

Will all your users be offline, all the time ?
(Please don't answer a question with another question...:wink: )

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Moving to new topic

I make app for my work hour in store.
I go 9:00 am to 14:00
Go to home and come back 17:00 to 23:00
I set start time and close app.
Start again app in end time.
My app:

Can you help me for make it better?

If possible have a look at this extension.. get the millis from online time and do whatever you want.

Custom date
Custom time format

With the help of millis, just find the difference between start time milli and end time milli then convert the milli to time. Simple