GPX file export to external server

I am very new to the IT world and I am phasing an issue with my application.

The idea is to record itineraries with my app and then allow the user to send the itinerary in a GPX file to a server. Then, I could download all itineraries from my server to analyse them (I am doing it for my university thesis).
From what I understand I need to convert the recorded gpx in JSON to send it to my server. The GPX I record is in the form of a linestring generated with points in space.
Could someone help me please on how I could convert this in JSON in app inventor?

I hope I have provided enough information,
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Niki_Bugt

Can you provide an example of it? It would really help.

Welcome Niki.

This thread might be helpful Niki: