GPS Locator, find nearest responder

Hello Friends, help me to create an application that can see location using arduino

Welcome to the community. Next time please post in the MIT App Inventor Help category for questions, and please do not use ALL CAPS in your posts as it is considered as shouting.

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To provide advice we need a better description of what you want and expect to do.

Here is a discussion linking an arduino with gps to App Inventor. It may be what you want.

Here is a tutorial for using Map Markers. Part of it shows how to determine the nearest location to you. You might need some of that code.

Is this what you need to know or something else?

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the objective of my app is to see who is near me using the gps connected to the arduino. thank you friend

OK. I am not aware of how to do this using an Arduino. This link has arduino code and might help you

Here is an example using the gps hardware in the devices and a CloudDB that might help you complete your Arduino Project.