Google sheet Private for each user?


First of all sorry if there is already a related topic but two things please:

  1. Best way to learn how to create/ use a excel sheet in MIT APP Inventor?
  2. My app (score keeper app) is for each user personal use. Will each user have their own sheet? (I want private excel sheets for my users)

Thanks in advance

See here with regard to Excel and Appinventor

If you use Google Sheets instead, you can program (using blocks and google apps script) for each user to have their own private "sheet" in a spreadsheet, or to have their own private spreadsheet, but these would be run under your google account.

It gets (much) more complicated if you want them to use their own google drive...

It will all depend on how private you want things to be.


Each user will have a weekly score, time and opponent.

My plan is, to instead having all bunch of blocks to save information. Just add all to a user excel sheet all at once and then use blocks to pull off the information for where I need it.

I dont need it to save on their drive, but I would like to have each user to have their own private "sheet".

User 1: score 2-1 Time: 14:00 Opp: Mike
score 5-1 Time: 10:00 Opp: John
score 5-1 Time: 20:00 Opp: alex

User 2: score 2-5 Time: 110:00 Opp: Ross
score 5-5 Time: 10:00 Opp: John
score 5-1 Time: 20:00 Opp: Jack

hope it makes sense.

If this possible can you help out please