How can I save in excel that is in cloud

How can I save in excel that is in cloud.
I want to save the following table.

If I want to save it on my mobile then I write

But what happens when I want to add the data from of the above table on an excel file to located elsewhere?

Why won't you use google spreadsheet ? I believe it would be easier

As far as I am aware, there is no method in App Inventor to upload data directly to an Excel file. There are a couple of extensions to read an Excel file.

However, you are saving your data to a csv file. Excel can read csv files. So just upload to the file, then open it in Excel.

For more flexibility I suggest you use a more accessible online spreadsheet

If Excel complains about those semicolons(;), use commas (,) instead.
The C in CSV stands for Comma Separated Values.

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Since you do not become otherwise I will probably do this

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