Google sheet + app inventor for calculation

I want to retriever numerical values in Google sheet and assign them to a variable to make calculation.
I see a lot of explanation for whole rows as a liste but i juste want retriever 6 values to do calculation, all this by entering the name Messier M1, M2, M3,... Or choosing it from a liste.

Thanks you for help

Show your gsheet structure

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You would probably use a gviz query to do this, requesting the selected columns in the row that match the search term. For example:

(if column A does not contain unique values, then this may return multiple rows....)

It's m'y Google sheet

Please tell us your search term and which columns you want to return.....

Oh, I have just looked at your google sheet, seems you will search on OBJET and return all the columns (6) - may as well just return the row ?

For such a small and unchanging data set, you could just download the entire sheet into a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file, upload it into the app's Media folder, and load the file at startup.

Once you have converted the csv text into a table (list of lists), there are new nb191 list blocks you can use to filter the data.

Non row because i use each value for czlculation
Your solution dont work. I have a error but your aia in your site 'its good

Show your relevant blocks / syntax for gviz. Data will be returned in a csv table which needs converting to an AI2 list.

It s my project.
EssaiBdD.aia (2.3 KB)

You didn't enter a query....

Do like this:


I have error in label1 but do it in joint block IS ok :
<DOCTYPE HTML...... It's same of source in web page.

Check your blocks against mine....

Its ok thanks lot
But how to pick up one value to transform for a variable to calculation

Ex :MX to pick up Rah in one label, Ram in one other label....

Try this

EssaiBdD (1).aia (3.2 KB)

It's wonderfull thanks you very much i see this in a tuto.
You are thé n'est for me.

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