Google results without API and extention


is it possible to get Google search results without API and extention? I mean without an API key (doing something like [HOWTO] Get Google's Search Results Without Extension!)
I thought it´s possible with just the Activity Starter but something seems to worng.
This is what I did:

Try the Extras property rather than ActivityPackage...


Changed and it gets me to google but it does not show a list with hair products.
Is there a way to show the search results directly?

where did you read, that you have to use SUBJECT and TEXT?
try SUBJECT rather than android.intent.extra.SUBJECT, same for TEXT and show us a screenshot of your latest blocks...


Try something similar?

Hi Both,

when I remove android.intent.extra. is does not work. I get an error.
hair products 2

Yes, I tried other things like
hair products 3

But this one gives me a server error. I am not sure what to use to replace maps and geo.

The other things I tried give an Activity error. So it does not even go to Chrome. mmmm...

Try just putting it all in the url ? intitle:"hair products" near "Liverpool"

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That works. Great. Thank you.

Sorry, I wasn´t able to fit the WebViewer into the rest of the design. But it looks like a great option for another part of the app. Thank you very much.