Google play upload error, android:exported

I removed the Tasks extension, restarted AI2, tested with companion (android 13, real device).

Coolvibes site button works
Request button works

uh ok i'll try

alright that worked

Good, now try Play Store again....

"Thank You"
one more question

how do i transfer everything i've done from screen1 to screen3

In the Designer, go to Screen1 and click on the root of the component tree (Screen1) to highlight it.
Press Ctrl-C to copy it
Switch to Screen3 and add a Vertical Arrangement.
Click it to prime it to receive the next paste.
Press Ctrl-V to paste what you just copied.

That should bring over all the Screen1 components and their events.

You will be missing procedures and global inits.
Download them as .png files, and drag those into the Screen3 Blocks Editor.

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Or, copy them to your backpack, then load them from your backpack.