Google Play loading failed

I write my new app with Mit App Inventor (Android) and I’m ready to upload it to Google Play. I have successfully registered on Google Play, but I’am trying to upload the signed .apk file , no success. I got the following error message:
“Loading failed”
(You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The digital ID of the upload certificate is
[SHA1: 22: 07: 23:…
, while the digital ID of the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded is
[SHA1: 97: F6: 90: AF…)
What shall I do? How should I sign the .apk file using digital ID got from Google Play?
Please let me have your kindly help
cheers Mercede

Hi @mercede

The key for signing your app is stored in a file called android.keystore. This is generated in your App Inventor account the first time you build an app. If you’re getting an issue where the signatures don’t match, there can be a few reasons for it:

  1. You aren’t using the same account as the original time you built the app (e.g., you have multiple Gmail accounts or your email address changed).
  2. You used a different App Inventor service (or one of the commercial endeavors). Your android.keystore is tied to your account and each service is “different” in that respect.
  3. You deleted your keystore (My Projects > Delete Keystore), in which case another was generated the next time you built an app.

If #1 or #2 is true, you might be able to get your old keystore back (e.g., by logging into the previous account, or switching to the correct service). If #3 is the case, we don’t keep backups of keystores, so you are out of luck in that case and need to republish your app using a different package name.

Also, see the best practices on publishing apps to Google Play here.

No need to republish your app, because you can ask Google to assign a new keystore (certificate):

This might take a few days.

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Thank you for your kind replay. On meantime I had to use “Android Studio” to complain Google Play Console. I got bundle and keys in Pem format. Sent to them and changed the certificate stored into GPlay Console. Uploaded my App with success but now I still have issue.
Downloading the App to my smartphone, the related Icon is not visible. They write me there is a mistake into Manifest coding. Will try to fix.
Another possibility is to include new certificate obtained by “Android Studio” (keystore.jks) to the android.keystore I got from “App Inventor” (I still have it).
thanks for your support again
Have a goog weekend
ps App Inventor accept importing certificate in “Android Studio” as keystore.jks??

see this Kodular thread


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