Google and Tinydb Revisited

I think I have been looking at my project all wrong and have been asking the wrong questions.

I was able to import my Google Sheet into a LIST then TINYdb. The problem is, that the data goes into 1 record and 1 cell.

The question is then how do I get the data in different cells and not in one row?

This is what my data looks like.

This is my code that works great!

You do not say where your problem is?

Google Sheets
TinyDB (lists)

Explain more fully when data does not get placed across columns/rows....

Thank you Tim,

I hope this makes sense. When I try to display this in the form

the entire record displayed on one line.

Instead of seeing the first name, I see the entire row in the field.
I figured that when importing the information wasn't separated, that is unless I am looking at this all wrong.

I have 15 columns which only a few are displayed.

Hope this helps.

Hopefully, this simple example may help you to find your way ?

contactform.aia (3.9 KB)

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Once again you did it! This is what I want to do. Now to work on my stuff.

I always learn a lot from you. Question, is there a site I can learn more how to learn App Inventor for an old guy like me.

Thanks again!

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are you already find the way how to find/search using data on tinydb? guide me please

Check the example .aia provided in post 4.

Yeah im already downloaded it, and still cant figure how to using search with some ID to get value. Because all guide using index to find data.

You'll need to use list filtering. Try this updated .aia; enter the search query in the "filter" TextBox (note that this query will be case-sensitive). If there are multiple matches for one query, press the browse button again, with the same query, to get the next match.
contactform (1).aia (6.1 KB)

wahh.. thank you so much... this solve my problem

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