Go from page 1 to page 2

Is there some way to go from page1 to page 2 and so on by use TextBox.

Can you tell why you want to go like this. Tell more about your project.

I mean to slide from page 1 to page 2, page 3, page 5

Best advise is to stop now and rethink your design. No app needs 50 screens. Why do you think you should need 50 screens? What does your project do?

Read point 1 of the topic below.

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Like i said you don't need 50 pages for that. You can just have 1 and get your stories from a database for instance or you load an html page with the story in a webviewer. That is why i said you have to rethink your design.

You have had a lot of help with your other account Profile - Osama_Sayar - MIT App Inventor Community

So there is plenty of information you can get from there.

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I don't have like this example at all.

You can use the tips you got for the app in your other account in this new project.

Why do you have another account on the community by the way?

This account @Osama_Sayar

This is not for me.

At least you got the same ip-adress. But then again, like i said @Osama_Sayar got all the help you need to make your app i think. Start by reading the topics that he started.

To slide from one page to another, without clicking a button,use a view pager extension, or possibly an extended list view component/extension.

I would be very happy if any one here in community can help me to do that.

Here are a couple of examples:

You can add your 50 story image in this extension and after you can see every story by swipping

I tested swipeSlidesBookv2.aia and this is exactly what I had searched about. It slide from page to page but can not slide down by slider I mean I can't go down to read the whole page from top to down for every single page.

Try here instead, which uses HTML and allows for vertical scrolling of the page. (If I remember correctly, it wasn't possible to use a vertical scrolling arrangement inside the view pager)

What about using textbox in this example instead of label and webviewer. Is it ok?