Global variables - how copy many variables, to another screen?

On some screens many global variables are necessary for the correct operation of the program
Having to copy and paste these variables from one screen to another screen, using the backpack, the time taken is proportional to the number of variables, if they are many it takes a long time
The question is: how to do (from within the App Inventor development environment) to copy many global variables from one screen to another screen?

If you need that many Globals, define your App with Virtual Screens - Each V Screen is represented by a Vertical Arrangement such that most or all Screens are defined on the one “real” Screen. Simply hide-show to swap V Screens.

Edit: The point about V Screens is that they can all share the Variables without a need to repeat them. No need to pass data from screen-to-screen, they are sharing the same screen. This is also very good for those that are connected to hardware such as a microcontroller, because the connection is not broken by swapping screens.

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what about storing all that information in a list?
see also

see also


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