Get file from web component

I am not able to see responsed image in Image1 why?

I see the file is called nobg.png - no background? - this could mean it is just a transparent/blank image ?

Also try adding file:// to your path

You are also doing a POST and a GET ?


Yes I am only doing Post and Get. This is first time I am using Web component so I do not understand

You do not need to use the GET block, because you are making a POST request to the server.

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So, what I need to do? Kindly tell me

Use a known image

Please show your api documentation

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I am using Api documentation

See here:

I believe remove bg uses multipart/formdata, this will not work with the web component.

But in my blocks I am getting removed bg image in Image1

What do you mean by this?

Is there no way to set or get image from