Image upload to website

hey all hi , so today i was trying to upload a image to using ai2 but i am unable to get it how can i do that i saw many posts on the community too

can someone help me to upload a image to this website

Same question from my side how to upload image to removebg/upload from ai2

It seems the recommended method is by using CURL.
And I found this extension which supposedly adds curl capabilities.
You might want to give it a try.


You should be able to convert the CURL command to be used as a http GET/POST request in the web component. You will need to add some headers and ensure you are not using multipart uploading/downloading. Rread the website's API instructions carefullly and try a few configurations with the web component. Of course, you will need to sign up and get an API key.

Search the community for similar API setups