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Really I am searching for same extension. Thank you for this extension

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Great aix @Anke ! :boom:

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Sorry for bringing this up.

Does the Screen.Height and Screen.Width blocks does this HeightDP and WidthDP blocks?

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From a Pixel 2XL (Android 11).

Pixel 4XL (Android 12):

When dp is multiplied with device density, it is called pixels. If your device density is 1, then both dp and px will be same.
dp are also called as density independent pixels.

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Yes they do.

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The result i am getting from the AspectRatio block is in points .. how can i convert it to Ratio

I couldn't solve it?

What are you talking about?

the add button is stretched in telad with higher resolutions and I couldn't solve it. Would you help me?

Is the add button in image or blue background with white writing? Post the aia or a simple test aia.

teste2.aia (25.4 KB)

Try this:


Layout ext:

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OK, it worked fine. Thank you for your availability! :+1:

how get height navibar ? other marked not clear in block