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I created an application that has a 3-button menu that represents each chapter of my course. In the second chapter I have a test with score that is saved in the database (if it answered all the questions correctly it has 10, otherwise it has 1). How can I limit access to one of the following menus (after the menu containing the test) if it does not have a maximum score in my database?

Menu: In the red frame is my test. I can do it and I wish that if it didn't have a grade of 100%, I couldn't access the last menu button. (from menu) : 183781922_909597146265439_888100303398706325_n (1)

I can send you more detail if it is wasn't clear .

Show your relevant blocks
Show your Firebase data structure
Any reason why you need to use an online database at this stage ?

For starters, I made an login / registration system because I want to save user data. After connecting, we enter the course menu where one chapter contains a theoretical part, another a short test.

  • First, how to assign the results of each test to the correct person
  • Secondly, I would like the user to have to go through all the chapters in order. Example: if you do not get 10 points (100%) in a test, you cannot move on to the next chapter.

after logging in, we are sent to another "MenuSelect" page. I used "id Token" believing that this way I will be able to assign the test results to my person. (list data to get profile information)
Blocks for menu. Here i want to block the access if i didn't have 100% at test. ,,PsIntro" is the theory chapter, ,,PSCreare" contains a test. From PSCreare I wish I couldn't move on to the next ones without having 10 on the test.

the buttons ,,Try Again" and ,,Next" will not be visible initially, until after we have the results. If we get less than 10, "Try Again" will appear, otherwise "Next" will appear.

I tried to store the result as default in Firebase and then took it, but I couldn't get the value from the database. How can I store for each user (with the specific code the results) and then recall depending on the blocking conditions of the remaining chapters. I'm open to other ideas, not just Firebase

The reason I asked about the need for online storage, is that you should be able to manage the logic of not proceeding until allowed in the app, using variables/tinydb. You can have boolean values on firebase (yes/no or true/false) for each of the tests for a user, and once they have passed a test change the specific value, meaning that progress is stored on firebase but managed on the app. How does that sound ?

sounds good! I would like more details on this idea and how I could implement it.
Mainly, I don't realize how I can assign the notes/boolean values to the user correctly (I know it's something with idtoken) and then how I can get this value stored for what I need.

You may be using firebase extensions, but these guides will at least show you how it all works