Get a Listview to Show the Parameters of a Dictionary

I am integrating into my app a bug report feature, which saves a dictionary of values to a list in the CloudDB. I have two ListViews, one will display the "Description" parameter of all the bug reports, and the other will display the dictionary's key as MainText and the value as DetailText. How I have it now produces an error when I select a report in the first ListView, "The operation select list item cannot accept the following arguments, ["Bug Report 1"], [1]". Here are my code blocks:

Can you show us structure of your dictionary

Here is the structure of the "errors" tag in my Cloud DB:

All of the values would be text strings.
"Bug Report 1" is the "Description" for one of the dictionaries.

Your global variable names are burdensome. Add the word OF to each name along with it's function and purpose and origin to make the data easier to follow .

I changed the variable names and some coding:

But now I get a different error that says "Bad list argument to foreach: The second argument to foreach is not a list. The second argument is 'Bug Report 2'"

how could be this as dictionary?

Perhaps the user's submission of the report may be a problem?

Because you did not adequately describe your global variables with proper names, you missed out on creating a critical global variable, for the raw value returned from CloudDB for tag 'errors'.

I would call it lisOfErrorDicts, to denote its structure as a list of dictionaries.

Lack of that variable led you to try to use the list of error description texts as a list of error dictionaries.

Thank you, I got it working now!

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