Raindrop - A Lightning-fast Weather App using WeatherAPI

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1. Introduction
A very fast (compared to Myradar, WeatherBug, Weather Channel, etc.) weather app using WeatherAPI.

2. Features

  1. Capable of getting data for anywhere on earth.
  2. Gets temperature, air quality, humidity, pressure, sunrise, sunset, and more.
  3. Three-day planning forecast with average humidity, wind, and cloud cover.
  4. A simple WebViewer gets the live radar from NOAA and can remember where you were panned to last.
  5. Live alerts for anywhere in the US, parsed a unique way.
  6. In-app bug reporting using CloudDB. I do check these.
  7. Initialize using your current location or a default one.

3. Screenshots (Taken on tablet)


Raindrop download (apk)
Raindrop Download (aia) (256.8 KB) (Kinda messy, I hope to fix this in the future)

**5. Special Mentions**

@Spicy_Topics for helping with the API.
@ABG for helping with the bug report feature.
@busybird15 for most of the graphics and logo (that's me :slightly_smiling_face:). Other graphics from a commercial-free license.

6. Quick Chanelog (see more in the app)
I am going to make a much better version of this app soon, so there will be no more updates.
v2.3.1 - Fixed alert list not resetting and current location glitches. (12/24/22)
v2.3 - First version released to the public. (12/23/22)

7. Extras

  • You can post bugs in the app's Bug Report feature (settings > Bug Report)

  • You can post feature requests and bugs here.

  • Feel free to use this as an everyday weather app. I get 1M api calls/month for free and I only use 150/month.

  • This took a long time and has so many blocks that it makes my computer lag!

  • I currently know of no bugs, so it should be a very stable app.

  • If you use the aia, you will need to sign up for an api account from Weather API.


can i get the .aia pls? i need it for a school project

You shouldn’t copy the work of other developers for assignments. It is always a good idea to learn the code and relevant components needed, or else you learn nothing.

This is not that hard actually; it’s just an API and some data processing. You just need to search the community for more information and learn some basics of JSON.

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This weather app uses the NWS weather api and the aia is included Nathan. :astonished: You might find it useful in building your school project.

Unlike Raindrop the NWS app does not collect user data (one possible reason he doesn't post his aia because his app requires users use his apk so he can collect data).

There are other weather apps posted in the community using other api. Have fun with your project.


thanks a lot mate
rly helps

I do not collect user data unless the user submits a bug report (And everything sent is displayed to the user before it is sent.) I did not post the .aia because it contains my api key.


why not post the aia with the api key slot to show api key goes here and let the user provide his own key if that is the only reason? You do some nice things with your graphics. :slight_smile:

I don't know why I didn't think of that! I'll add the aia soon.

Thank you! :smiley: