Future Value Calculator

I'm attempting to create a future value calculator. I have the design aspect figured out but the blocks editor is very difficult to understand. I have a text box for the Starting Principal, another for the Interest Rate, and a third for the Periodic Deposit. Any tips on how to get started in the blocks editor to get it functioning would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Josh.


future value = present value x (1 + interest rate)n

Here is a long explanation in this tutorial HOW TO: Plot Sunrise/Sunset line on a Map and learn how to use equations Do something similar.

Here is a simple example How can I use mathematical formulas?

Use the Math Blocks Math blocks and construct your Blocks. What have you tried? Post your Blocks and someone will provide specific advice.


Thank you for the information.

Im giving it a try.

You need a Button to initiate the calculation in its Click Event, and a Label to show the result in its .Text value.