Function to speak

Hi inventors, I have a new question. When it comes to creating an app to practice languages, what is the component that allows me to create develop a function that the user speaks sentences and has them corrected and checked with a diagnose correct, half-correct or incorrect? I don't know if H5P works on App Inventor but that function in it is broken anyways.


speech recognizer component

Pls elaborate your answer.

An extremely simple way would be using the SpeechRecognizer component and checking it against the given text, but this is pretty limited. It might not be able to recognize texts in different contexts, or it just mistakes your input as something else.

I found an Android Java app that works similarly with English. If anyone is interested I'm leaving a link to it, but my time is limited and I have other priorities.

There is not a component that does all that. Follow Maklerrr's advice and use the Speech recognizer to speak and the Translate component to translate what you spoke assuming you used the right pronunciation and add code to diagnose (if that is even possible).

No H5P probably does NOT work with App Inventor.

Speech recognizer would help, but in some cases, there might be wrong input of sentences

This example shows how to make a basic translation app using the SpeechRecognizer, Translate and TextToSpeech components. Translate 🇺🇸 for your holiday trip . You might be able to use it as the basis for the Project you contemplate.