From 1 list to many labels

I have a list already, and I want to spread this list into many Labels, and I want to specify from which label to which label I want to put data in.

In my case from Label5 to Label 23.

Why not just put the data all in one label with 19 lines ?


The lazy way


or a better way

I have a list , with dog and cat for example... And I have 19 labels , and I will display my dog in label5 and cat in Label6 but when I add animals to my list then I will that it goes in the next label... Without changing the formula... (By the way...(I am lazy too)).... :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Why not use a ListView?

Because I want to have the text centered, and I want the possibility to control all options on the text, and listwiev have not all this options....

Here's a customizeable all-blocks approach:

Now I understand you,... now I see that you understand me...

Ok, the "scroll you ..." thing is what I need....
But simpler... Like you was sending me the first time... (Now I understand)

I only was not understanding for what I need the CSV thing... An how to create or make the CSV file... Or is the CSV thing only an block In the list block's?

And I think, the second version from your simple example, will do its thing.... I will look if I understand...

Comma Separated Values is one of the text representations of lists.

AI2 file components only read and write text.

If you aren't working with files you don't need CSV conversion.

CSV and JSON are well known to search engines.

AI2 file components only read and write text.

Ahhhh... And CSV files works with all type of data ? Text: ( alphanumeric, and other type of signs and letters or numbers?)

And the CSV functionality is obviously embedded in the list block's to?

So it's my understanding of your explanation... Ok, I really will learn to understand this things, and I am so thankful for your help with this things...

Can I instead use textboxes I place of label's?

Because then I can enter my own data, or correct data...

Is this possible?

Comma-separated values - Wikipedia.

Yes, you can

But I will load the text instead to the labels into the textbox, correct it, and then have it in place of the data for the label....