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YouTube Extension

Hi, I have just developed an extension that allows you to:

  • Listen to the audio of a YouTube video as MP3 in a "player".
  • Get the Thumbnail from a YouTube video
  • Get the title of a youtube video


after many requests, it crashes for a while (not very long), in this case, the block will return the value "Error".


It gets the url of the .mp3 file

You can play the audio like this:

It gets the name of the YouTube video.

You can get the name like this:

It gets the Thumbnail of the video.
You can put the thumbnail in an "image" like this:

What is the video "id"?


Video "id" is the final part of the YouTube video url:



You can download the extension here: com.meulencv.youtube.aix (11.2 KB)


Thanks for you're contribution. Please follow the naming conventions. getThumbnail must be GetThumbnail.

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ok, I am going to change it,

I just fixed the problem

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Hi @Meulencv all functions in your extension, I can made it without using your extension. :pleading_face:

My Blocks :

And the Blocks I made above produce results that are 100% same as the extension you made.
(I've been very thorough in making this project)

Aia Project :
YouTubeInfo.aia (3.7 KB)


Thanks @Salman_Dev To verify my work, but the goal is to simplify the use of YouTube MP3s.


With this code you can play an mp3 with a player?

yeah of course, all the logic that I made yielded 100% the same result as your extension.
if you don't believe me, try aia project that i share

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OK, I believe you

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Thank you :innocent:

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This is totally awesome!

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thanks @JosiahIsCool

Why it returns "Error" every time?

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It return error if you do a lot of request, you need to wait a time to can do requests

Hi @Meulencv it is a awesome extension i loved it because it simplifies a lot but i have a request can you make the audio downloadable like the download url its ok if you cant do it

I don't know how to do it, but I think that there are extensions that allows you to download

But my extension already gives you the URL of the mp3


The Url is the result right component_event (1)

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yes, the url is the result

@Meulencv will you be able give a little more info about the video like the duration or the date published etc

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not every time url is like that , you should try my demo extension from here -

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