How do I youtube mp3 / change name of extension

Hi i have a problem my project need to yotube -> mp3 i wanted to use this extension : [FREE] YouTube info extension - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

but i have extension named same i also need any help please

Here is a blocks-only way.

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thanks @Gordon_Lu for help but the problem is when i tried to do it on offical aia it's not worked

Why not? Did you load the project successfully?

EDIT: I can confirm, that the audio and video name is not working...


i need audio so kind a ? i meen i dont think that page work anymore is there is a way to change name of extension so app invetor dont detect it as update

oh i fund a way how to do this nevermind

if you found it then you might wanna share it as it would help others with same problem

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oh right but it extension is dead any ways but if you want to chage extension name (I used visual studio + im not sure if it work dont extension stop working but you can try) first get your extension

then change the .aix -> .zip
then extract it

open the only folder is in it
(name may be difrent) there Should be 2 .php files and few others things

open them both in both of theme in smae lines are that part :

change the name in every of that file's you wish to be named in app invetor all done now save it (if you dont extract your php files wont save) then pack it to .zip again and change .zip -> .aix and upload to the server