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YouTube Extension

Hi, I have just developed an extension that allows you to:

  • Listen to the audio of a YouTube video as MP3 in a "player".
  • Get the Thumbnail from a YouTube video
  • Get the title of a youtube video


after many requests, it crashes for a while (not very long), in this case, the block will return the value "Error".


It gets the url of the .mp3 file

You can play the audio like this:

It gets the name of the YouTube video.

You can get the name like this:

It gets the Thumbnail of the video.
You can put the thumbnail in an "image" like this:

What is the video "id"?


Video "id" is the final part of the YouTube video url:



You can download the extension here: com.meulencv.youtube.aix (11.2 KB)

:red_circle:My extension can not be used on copyrighted videos, in case you use it on copyrighted videos it will be your fault and the charges, consequences...that may have will fall on you, I am not responsible.


Thanks for you're contribution. Please follow the naming conventions. getThumbnail must be GetThumbnail.

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ok, I am going to change it,

I just fixed the problem

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Hi @Meulencv all functions in your extension, I can made it without using your extension. :pleading_face:

My Blocks :

And the Blocks I made above produce results that are 100% same as the extension you made.
(I've been very thorough in making this project)

Aia Project :
YouTubeInfo.aia (3.7 KB)


Thanks @Salman_Dev To verify my work, but the goal is to simplify the use of YouTube MP3s.


With this code you can play an mp3 with a player?

yeah of course, all the logic that I made yielded 100% the same result as your extension.
if you don't believe me, try aia project that i share

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OK, I believe you

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Thank you :innocent:

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This is totally awesome!

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thanks @JosiahIsCool

Why it returns "Error" every time?

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It return error if you do a lot of request, you need to wait a time to can do requests

Hi @Meulencv it is a awesome extension i loved it because it simplifies a lot but i have a request can you make the audio downloadable like the download url its ok if you cant do it

I don't know how to do it, but I think that there are extensions that allows you to download

But my extension already gives you the URL of the mp3


The Url is the result right component_event (1)

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yes, the url is the result

@Meulencv will you be able give a little more info about the video like the duration or the date published etc

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not every time url is like that , you should try my demo extension from here -

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