[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data

Ok, it runs, can you help me to understand why I need to check the Item lenght in my aia ?

TableViewer_SiNo.aia (18.9 KB)
edit: found some CR in csv file

all the rows are same length and >= 4?
if Yes, then no need to check

Found mistake, there was some CR, TIM eliminate please the 4 last posts

How can I filter and search for data that is in the tableviewer?

TableViewer is only for display data.
You can filter /pick the sublist from your data , then TableViewer.SetData

How can I display a list with only one column ? I tried with List from csv row without success.

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Is your question 'how to convert a 1 column csv table into a list'?
If yes, then use the split block to split at \n

You need to make a list of lists like this:

[["Kym"], ["Charmian"], ["Fannie"], ["Lyndy"], 
["Krissie"], ["Adi"], ["Merry"], 
["Boonie"], ["Nobe"], ["Paulita"], ["Aldon"], ["Doralyn"], 
["Gustav"], ["Alair"], ["Dody"]]


Thanks, it runs

Can we sort by clicking on the column headings in the table?

You would need to sort the underlying list, then reload it to the Tableviewer

I am getting the data from Google Spreadsheet. Is there a way to sort it while getting it from there?

What about using ORDER BY?


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Yes, this works for me. Thank you. Now I have to learn to be able to use it in the TableViewer extention.

Dear @Kevinkun
Thanks for this great extension. I've just started to learn this extension.
As it does not support method Filter (to limit the list of records or to remove the filter showing all) I intend to filter records myself and then show table again - so:

  1. Is it the right way to filter (assign new dataset)?
  2. Current row method missing: How to get current row number to try to move to it (when filter is cleared or modify in a way preserving current record visibility) ?

regards and thanks again for this great extension

may be you can remove the desire row from the global list and recreate the table view..

this is my intention - but from UX perspective it would be good to return to a "reasonable" location - my problem is I can't find method to get CurrentRow of TableViewer
regards, Jakub


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what do you mean by this? there is a ScrollTo methed, maybe you want to try.

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Thanks for reply.
Here is my scenario:

  1. I tableview1.SetData=recordset (I have some rows of data in recordset). It displays nice.
  2. I scroll tableview1 (not clicking so Click event does not fire).
  3. Now I manipulate recordset (filter, change, update from db or web call - whatever) and I want to update tableview (SetData) but I want it to stay on the screen where it was before SetData. So my idea was that I getCurrentCell (or Row/Col) before SetData call and use ScrollTo after SetData giving it arguments I just popped.
    I could do with one of (both have pros and cons):
  4. OnScroll
  5. GetCurrectCell
    Rgds, Jakub