(Free) Responsive App Size Extension V3

Hello Friends, Today I Am Going To Provide You A New Responsive App Size Extension. After Use This Extension You Can Make Your App Responsive For All Kind Of Devices. This is my first extension. Try This Extension And Tell Me Your Response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Release date:2021-04-07T18:30:00Z
Update On:2021-04-20T18:30:00Z
Developed By App Helper

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New Update Screenshots V3
Now you can make your app more responsive in any mode Like Landscape , Portrait And Split Screen Mode. :hushed: :hushed:

Blocks Images V3.0


After Use This Extension You Can Make Your App Very Responsive.

How To Use This Extension?

1st Ans:- If you want to make your app responsive also when it is in split-screen then you can use this extension like this. :point_down: :point_down: (Recommended You To Use This ​Method.)

Aia File:- Responsive_App_Size_v3.aia (9.7 KB)

2nd Ans:- If you do not want to make your app responsive also when it is in split-screen then you can use this extension like this. :point_down: :point_down:

Aia File:- Responsive_App_Size_v3_1.aia (9.7 KB)

Test Apk:- Download Test Apk

Extension:- com.apphelper.responsiveapp.aix (6.3 KB)

Link to previous version (V2.0) - click here


Hello App Helper

Can you confirm here that you want to delete this topic? We need to know why, given that some people may have incorporated your extension in the Projects already.

I still don't understand what is the point of using your extension, in my opinion it can be done very very easily without having to use your extension

Do you know about responsive apps??

yeah i know, but is the responsive set of the app builder not enough?

no. responsive set of the app builder, not enough.
watch these pictures for more information


Okay i got it. :sweat_smile:

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you also can try practically.

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"Responsive App Size Extension (Best Update V3.0)"
Anyone knows if this still works? and if it works, does it work in AI2?

What about trying it yourself?
I do not see a reason why it should not work anymore
Let us know what you find out



Working on it

Works fine or not?

it doesn't work, tried latest version on two different devices :hot_face:

i came to know that MIT AI2 is responsive on all devices by default.

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Tried several times and adjusting the app but NO way Jose. AI2 does not recognize 1 of the 2 parts of the AIX, even the sample aia does not work and neither the Youtube videos.

Not so in all devices.. for the past 3 years I've been using Samsung online phone testing service, Android Studio, Genny Motion and a plethora of my own phones and I have NOT been able to achieve across the board responsiveness, let alone font size responsiveness. The only work around I have found is the use of the WebViewer which is hard to implement in some of my projects, but it DOES work.

Just tested with companion on Android 13. Appears to work without error, for what it does, which is probably just a smidgen better than simply using the default responsive

I hadn't noticed/tested this extension and wasn't aware of an issue. However, I just tested it on Android 13 and I don't see any difference from the one without the extension.

Perhaps someone would be so kind as to explain what this is all about to an unsuspecting old woman (preferably with examples & screenshots).

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Ditto, At present I'm using the one without the extension and it does work in some of my projects that are not text intensives. The extension does not work because it keeps claiming "responsive decoration missing"

So what's the problem? The extension therefore seems to be superfluous. Or can you explain to me what it is needed for?