[Free] Popup Extension - An extension to create popup menu

Ok I will do it

You can search for hex color on google search hex color for blue you will get hex color

App Inventor uses number (integer) values as colors. So, extension developers should put integer color values as the first consideration, rather than hex colors. If you really want to convert hex colors to integer values, you have a ColorConvertHexToInt block here.

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@Faraz_Firoz, is this feature out?

No, due to some problems

Ok no problem :+1:

Hi. Thanks for this simple to use and nice extension :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it possible to change the font size of the names ?

Great little extension: but how can I remove or replace items programmatically? My app has two languages. When the user switches languages, I want to remove the items in the the list, and replace them with the new language items. At the moment, it can only ADD, so, every time the user changes languages, it adds more items to the list.

Edit: Sorry, I've just figured out that that the easiest is simply to run the .Create again.