[Free/Opensource] NFormat - format numbers based on language and country


Free and opensource extension

Format numbers based on default system language and country.
Value is double ( max 15 digit numbers ).
Decimal is int.

If your application is in different languages / countries you can use this extension to show numbers formatted according to the language and country of the user's system.
I am not a Java expert, I am just sharing a point solution to my problem. Feel free to make improvements.

Block / Example


(data entry with dot decimal, default DB)


app.web.simplekod.nformat.aix (5.6 KB)




Sir I used this extension and see the error message

Applied on Sold total in summary row.

What I am doing wrong?

Read the error message, you are feeding the extension two list values....

Test your value before feeding it to the extension!


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Respected Boss,
According to your kind instructions I used NForamt like this

That generates the following result

Now I am trying to apply this extension on column2 like this

But it is not applying.
Please helping where I am doing wrong

Great Kindness

Here is aia
t_tableViewer_20230604_1.aia (34.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

Here you are.

t_tableViewer_20230604_1_revisedV4.aia (34.4 KB)

I have done it for all columns, guessing that you were going to ask for that next.....:slight_smile:

Please be aware that by formatting with a thousands separator, your numbers become strings and cannot be used in calculations. You will need to remove any commas , in order to use them as numbers.

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You are really great sir,
You proved that you are on the top of all experts here.
All of my problems about tablefviewer has been solved due to your kind help.

Wish you good luck

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