Cannot provide sum total in label?

Sir I have these block

blocks (56)

It showing this result

I used following procedure

  1. Replace empty string with 0
  2. Applied thousand Separator
  3. Removed thousand separator before calculation

Please help me get correct sum.


You need to debug, use Do it with companion to test your calculation. Check the values are coming through correctly. You got the others working so what is different ?

Yes Sir

It is replacing comma with empty space only.
Now how to get the actual value 4546

You have over complicated:


The text block for "replacement" is empty, no space, just empty, as dragged from the palette

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The packaging of those numbers in the response parameter of the given procedure needs to be addressed.

The embedded commas in the numbers and the inter-item comma separators are being confused.

Why is this parameter a string, when it should be a list, or several separate parameters?

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