[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.2) in your app to send Push notifications [DEPRECATED]

1. Introduction

This extension ships with latest One Signal SDK. You can easily receive push notifications sent from OneSignal dashboard in your app.
You can send notifications to all subs and individuals. You can send a customized notification also.

Latest Version: 3
Last Updated: 2023-12-08T18:30:00Z

2. Blocks

3. Usages


You can find aix and aia file here:


Thanks to @Gordon_Lu for apk

5. Support me

It takes a lot of time and labour in creating one such extension.
Your donation will motivate me for sure.

Upi: vknow360@apl

Thank you.
Hope it helps!


Proof that it works.


Awesome extension! Thank you so much!

  1. Does it need to be compiled to work ?
  2. Can you show how to setup OneSignal for this to work (no-one ever does this...)?
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Tutorials are available on YouTube. However here is one from OneSignal.

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I saw this previously, however this part leaves a lot to be desired:

Which SDK does one select ?
How do you check for subscribed users ?

Native Android.

From dashboard.

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OK, probably need more detailed instructions on how to use your example app.

What buttons do we need to press, and in what order, to "subscribe"?

Will the app then receive a notification from the onesignal dashboard ?

Does this have to be done on each use of the app, or is it a one time only thing?

What are all the other buttons (the ones not used above) for ?

Init -> Initialize OneSignal sdk
Ask -> Ask notification permission (manadatory for Android 13)
OptIn -> Subscribe to push notifications

If everything goes right then Label text will change to a list of 3 items: isSubscribed, pushToken and userId

[Optional] You can set external id (generally name of the user or something like that) by inputting value in textbox and then clicking Login button.

Add Tag adds a tag Device with value Android to the user.

Yes, even if app is closed. Clicking on notification will lead you to app and then clicking Init will retrieve notification information.

Initialization should be done every time app is opened only to retrieve notification which opened app otherwise it would be done internally.

Clear Notifs removes notification.

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Does it work in kodular? because I have an error.

Yes, it works in Kodular as long as you don't use Firebase Auth.

Good afternoon vknow360, I downloaded AIA and it didn't work, the send button wasn't appearing, what can be done to make it work, if you have the updated extension could you forward it to me, I'll make a donation to you sir

@Pedro3 please do not spam the communities... ask only in the community you are using

this seems to be a Koduar issue because Kodular still does not target SDK33...

Primeiramente agradeço o seu retorno
Eu não uso o kodular, estou usando o appinventor
Estou rodando o projeto pelo Appinventor mas não conseguir o botão enviar não aparece para mim, poderia informar o que devo fazer para conseguir fazer funcionar?

Ok, I now removed your Kodular post
please wait for an answer from @vknow360

Obrigado! Ficarei no aguardo

The video is of upcoming version.
Today I hope to release that.

Thanks for the extension,

can I use your extension with this notification sender app?
I am new to App Inventor and I do not know how to do the notification sending part, I just want to send a notification daily at specific time in Spanish language.

I will donate some amount for your work, can you please give another payment method for donation? Paypal does not work for me.

Yes you can.
You can send notification from Dashboard and other apps which are using API.

Sending feature will be released today btw.

Upi? vknow360@apl

ChangeLog Version 2

New Blocks


How to use

Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Some minor changes in NotificationClicked and NotificationReceived events
  • Deep Link support
  • Update to v5.0.2
    It includes bug fix to Notifications issue in which new notif were replacing old one.

Known Bugs

  • NotificationReceived event is a little inconsistant
  • Implemented better approach to ask for notification permission
    However it may or may not work properly all the time.
    You should ask user to manually grant it from App Settings if it was not asked or was denied by user.