[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.0) in your app to send Push notifications

1. Introduction

This extension ships with latest One Signal SDK. You can easily receive push notifications sent from OneSignal dashboard in your app.
It does not deal with sending notification part.

2. Blocks


3. Usages


You can find aix and aia file here:


Thanks to @Gordon_Lu

5. Support me

It takes a lot of time and labour in creating one such extension.
Your donation will motivate me for sure.

Upi: vknow360@apl

Thank you.
Hope it helps!


Proof that it works.


Awesome extension! Thank you so much!

  1. Does it need to be compiled to work ?
  2. Can you show how to setup OneSignal for this to work (no-one ever does this...)?


Tutorials are available on YouTube. However here is one from OneSignal.

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I saw this previously, however this part leaves a lot to be desired:

Which SDK does one select ?
How do you check for subscribed users ?

Native Android.

From dashboard.

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OK, probably need more detailed instructions on how to use your example app.

What buttons do we need to press, and in what order, to "subscribe"?

Will the app then receive a notification from the onesignal dashboard ?

Does this have to be done on each use of the app, or is it a one time only thing?

What are all the other buttons (the ones not used above) for ?

Init -> Initialize OneSignal sdk
Ask -> Ask notification permission (manadatory for Android 13)
OptIn -> Subscribe to push notifications

If everything goes right then Label text will change to a list of 3 items: isSubscribed, pushToken and userId

[Optional] You can set external id (generally name of the user or something like that) by inputting value in textbox and then clicking Login button.

Add Tag adds a tag Device with value Android to the user.

Yes, even if app is closed. Clicking on notification will lead you to app and then clicking Init will retrieve notification information.

Initialization should be done every time app is opened only to retrieve notification which opened app otherwise it would be done internally.

Clear Notifs removes notification.

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Does it work in kodular? because I have an error.

Yes, it works in Kodular as long as you don't use Firebase Auth.