[FREE] Notification Style: extension with various types of notification

Why not follow the link above and look in the first post?

I don't get what you mean
Edit: I did go to the github for the support for Android 12 but found no aix file

Why did you go to github?

See the end of this image of the link posted

Were is that? I can't find it
Edit: I found it

Hi everyone,
with AppInventor I created a streaming player application for my Radio (and TV); this below is the link for those who want to see.

I'm updating the application with new features and I wanted to replace the current notification code with this extension, which works fine, but doesn't communicate metadata (image, buttons, artist/title lyrics) to connected bluetooth devices (headphones, cars, etc. ..).
The reason is that live streaming doesn't have a fixed duration like a music file, and therefore you need to set this because android needs to know about it. Without this information, the notification system does not communicate metadata correctly with the device.
If you could fix this by inserting a block that allows you to specify the duration of the streamed content, (typically indeterminate live stream has duration -1) and thus fix the bug, I'd like to use that for my update.
Thank you.

For the music player use another extension which is also very good and has everything you need.


This extension does not work anymore for newer Android versions

An update has been provided by @Kumaraswamy here