[Free | No ADS] Nitnem Sahib - Nitnem and Gurbani

Search the community for the UI, and learn that from Google also... :slight_smile:

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  • Added long click Tool Tips on title bar buttons
  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

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Hello Hmmm. You would normally have credits within the App itself. If your App is using any type of media not created by you that should also be credited (and ensure you do not breach the rights owner's license).

Also, your Privacy Policy is sparse! You can base yours on mine if you wish.


I am not using any media/content that isn't created by me :slight_smile:. All the bani's used in the app are not owned by individual It's something like anyone can use them and promote them. There are only some extensions used in the app I have compiled them myself from source, 10 extensions are proprietary that are from community nothing more.

So I guess there isn't the need for credits page in the app.

I agree. I will improve it when I get time

From where? You cannot just compile source code from others without credit. :upside_down_face:

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This and

I mean what the "source" refers to, for example, a particular extension developer's website.

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great but I have mentioned extension devs that's enough.

Not enough, as I told you. If you took reference from a book, you cannot say "thank you all authors", you have to credit that particular author. Same for extensions.

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@Gordon_Lu here you go I have edited this post: [No ADS] Nitnem Sahib - Nitnem and Gurbani - #5 by Hmmm

I have given credits to all of them.

It should be better if you give credits an appropriate place in your app.


Please do let me know how will it look like i mean it will be a empty page If I will just mention your names.

If you haven't hidden you title, you can credit them in the AboutScreen property of Screen1, so that when the user clicked on the 3 dots menu on the title bar, and selects "About this application", they will see the names of the extension developers. You can try to do the same in your custom title.

Oh OK got it.

Nope I am not planning to do currently, I will probably think something about this in future.

I hope that means you have produced your own images, including button icons.

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Credits would be presented thus:

AJ Odudu: Developer of Ham Sandwich Extension: Https://sarnie.co.uk
Edson Arantes do Nascimento: Photographer of Action Images Https://andaction.br
Leonardo da Vinci: Button Image Artist: Https://azzurri.it

I always advise using a dedicated Screen (or Virtual Screen) for Credits, and have the Privacy Policy in-app too, with a link to your website to allow your Users to check for updates if they so wish.

Edit: The above links are fake!


I have changed the title bar and accent color so before releasing this I want to ask from community that this looks better or previous UI was better.


I think the previous UI was better.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks for the feedback I will wait for few more users so that I can know others choice also and I will make changes according to majority. :slight_smile:

:partying_face: So after lot of hard work finally we have one ui type title effect as well as title bar hide on scroll.
I will release this after some finishing work.

Note: Sorry for low quality video I need to compress it because it wasn't accepting bigger sizes.

:sunglasses: Like the post if you want tutorial on how to make one ui effect and title bar hide on scroll in #tutorials-and-guides.