[FREE] NetworkSpeed Extension - An Extension To Get Max Speed Your Network

NetworkSpeed Extension

An extension to get internet speed.


Direct Download : xyz.nisarga.NetworkSpeed.aix (6.2 KB)

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The extension returns the same speed always, it's constant until you test it with other replicated component for me.

Also you may need to write code to handle the error when you try to check the speed with the network disconnected.

int android.net.NetworkCapabilities.getLinkDownstreamBandwidthKbps()' on a null object reference
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Are you sure your extension can do tht, because what I see is only 3 blocks

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Maybe it's a get request

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It's not a get request. It doesn't uses any api.

I am sure.

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This extension does not determine internet speed. This extension reads speeds. Blocks are of "get" type, not "set" type. The word "determine" means "set, define"


So @Nisarga_Adhikary I think you have to change the word determine

I get 1048576.

Looking for that number on the internet I found:
I think this will not work, as it may only return the maximum bandwidth supported by the network. In my case, it returns 1048576


Changed, I have edited the post

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In my case it is working. If you are connected to wifi and using the upload and download speed block it will surely return that.

Your extension will only work for Wifi connections.

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Not really, also works for cellular data connections. I've been told that there are some minor bugs in the extension. I'm trying to fix them. :slight_smile:

Version 2

What's New : Minor Bug Fixes, Added OnErrorOccured Event Block


Download : xyz.nisarga.NetworkSpeed.aix (6.2 KB)

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Nisarga, it's good to rename the blocks to GetBandwidthUploadSpeed and for the other block accordingly, upload speed and upload bandwidth capacity are two different things :wink:

Screenshot_2021-05-03 bandwidth - Google Search(1)


Okay. Thanks for letting me know, I will do it on the next update!!

It is not working properly. It show only one network speed.

Can you tell us how we can use this Extension??

Wdym by that?

This extension is working properly... Do you need a test aia?

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Yes sure I need a demo Aia file.

This extension will not show you the true internet speed at which you download or upload data. This extension shows the maximum bandwidth of your hardware.

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According to Stackoverflow,

Using NetworkInfo class, ConnectivityManager and TelephonyManager to determine your Network Type.

Download any file from the internet & calculate how long it took vs number of bytes in the file. ( Only possible way to determine Speed Check )

Link : https://stackoverflow.com/a/55161717/14785813