[Free] File Picker Extension - Pick File From Storage (2.1.6)

[Free] File Picker Extension - Pick Any File From Storage (2.1.6)

Hello guys, I've built this awesome extension for you to pick any type of file from device storage.

Total Blocks

Now 2 functions, 2 events and 16 properties available!

Pick File
Using this blocks you can pick single file.

  • filePath --> It's return the path of picked file.
  • fileName --> It's return the name of picked file.
  • fileSize --> It's return the size of picked file.

Pick Files
Using this blocks you can pick multiple files.

  • filePaths --> It's return the path list of picked files.
  • fileNames --> It's return the name list of picked files.
  • fileSizes --> It's return the size list of picked files.

File Types
Use this types to pick file by it's mime type. Or you can use your custom mime type as string.

Extension Specifications:

yo.Jewel.FilePicker.aix (16.8 KB)
Last amendment: 07 July 2021


Does this work for all android versions (e.g. Android 11) and will there be any impact when AppInventor targets API 30 ?