[FREE] DeviceFingerprint: Uniquely identify devices

1. Introduction

Description: Generates unique device identifiers (Fingerprint & Device Id) from all available platform configurations. Uses FingerprintJs library.
Latest Version: 1
Released: 2023-10-04T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2023-10-04T18:30:00Z
Min Api: 21 (Android Lollipop/5.0)

2. Blocks


3. Usages

  1. deviceId - is a random and unique device identifier.

Can be used by developers to identify devices to deliver personalized content, detect suspicious activity, and perform fraud detection. Internally it will use Google Service Framework ID if it's available and ANDROID_ID, if GSF ID is not available. This identifier is stable, i.e. it will remain the same even after reinstalling your app. But it will be different after factory reset of the device.

Note: It can be different for different apps.

  1. fingerprint is a digital device fingerprint. It works by combining all available device signals and attributes into a single identifier


com.sunny.fingerprint.aix (180.0 KB)

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The extension does not set the minSdkVersion = 21.

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Factory Reset do change few identifiers.
Here is complete table:

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It varies from app to app,

It's not consistent for all our apps.

For app 1 it gives one Device ID
For app 2 it gives another Device ID

It might not be same for all apps.
But, for each app individually it'll be consistent.

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@vknow360 Recently, users are complaining that the UUID behaves differently when the phone restarts or when it turns off. For example, when restarted the hash always remains the same, but if you turn off the cell phone and turn it on again the hash is generated randomly.
Edit: I'm using fingerprint