[Free] CompCreator - create component dynamically

this is a known bug of this extention: balls/imageSprite created by this extension do not move after set speed/heading/interval.

You need to use a clock to move it.

@TIMAI2 has reported this long ago, but I still have no idea how to fix it.

Oh, thanks. Clock method worked.

I really like your extension, but I have a suggestion in mind.
In the visible component block, can you add chart as an option?

possible, but do you really need to create a chart dynamicly?

No, not really for me. It's just a suggestion.:wink:

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How can I use OnClick with the buttons that are created?

Read the first post, there is already one example.

Perfect, I did it, thank you very much.

The link to https://kevinkun.cn/compcreator/ is dead, I am afraid.

Use https://kevinkun.cn/compcreator/

Yes, it is not working. No clue why. Tested it on PC and phone, Firefox and Chrome.

Working OK here

It won't help me, I am afraid. :frowning:
My tip: Use a git compatible platform to publish your work.

No, working here with Firefox / Chrome.

Still not here. :frowning:
Since there is no alternative, I must skip this extension.

Working here on mobile, laptop and PC with Chrome.

Thank you all very much telling me it works for you. On no platform, nor on any browser, I get a result. I have no clue why. When you can give me an alternative, that would really help me.

Seems the issue of reaching Kevin's web site lies with your firewall (router?) / network / dns setup. This falls outside the remit of this community. You need to fix whatever it is that is preventing you from accessing this site. You should find plenty of help on the interweb....

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Thanks, but that is too much trouble for 1 extension. I skip this.
Update: Mystery solved. Stopping the VPN connection made it work.