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Looks like it is zooming OK to me The zoom feature zooms the entire html page.

Show your blocks for the chart....

Sorry i exposed the problem in a confused way.
It does the zoom but the container doesen't allow me to scroll in the zoommed page, the result is that the content i want to zoom result truncated.
this is the block

I would have to build up an example chart to test this out.

You could try adjusting the chart size using css. The chart is in a div with id = col_chart set in the extension width = 100% and height = 100%. Change these to pixels instead of percentages...

<div id="col_chart"  style="width:100%; height:100%;"></div>
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Sorry but i didn't understand were and how i have to change the pixels instead of percentage :cry:
I tried to build an app with the graph only, the WebViewer show data and i can move in the zoomed window normally.
In my application there is a big vertical scroll arrangement (width and height set to "fill parent") , inside of it there is a block with some data and, below that, my graph, but in this case the window is blocked.
if i set automatic size in a blank project, it work fine, but if set that in my project, graph don't even show, i have to set a fixed height to make it visible.

I have just tested the demo aia project from the first post in this topic, on the column chart with zoom set to true. Using companion app, the graph zooms with a two finger gesture, and scrolls around with a one finger gesture. Therefore unsure as to where your issue lies?

I found the issue, if you have the webviewer in a container, and the sum of the container height is over 100% (in my case the first box have height 70% and graph 50%, scrollable), the movement inside the zoommed graph is blocked.
i hope this video describes well the error

OK, scrolling within a scrolling arrangement. Yep, doesn't always work.

You could try this extension:

to split up your big scrolling arrangement into pages.....

Thank you so much :heart:, i'll try it out!

Best regards

Hi! first of all i speak spanish, so i apologize if my english is not good enough. I tried to make a column chart with data from firebase, but it doesn't seems to work, i swear i read all the documentation and try by myself but honestly i can't. i know my database is setted correctly. My problems are only the blocks. i just need to do a column chart with 4 columns that updates when i touch a button, and it should display the 4 int values into the columns, i know my problem is in the "list" part but i tried so many ways, so i return to the begining for this question, what should i do from this cap to do what i want? sorry if i am asking you something stupid. i need to siplay in the columns the first 4 tags from firebase, and keep it updated when i touched a button.


Let us simplify to start off with. Based upon your displayed firebase data, your columnData should look like this:



If you apply this, do you get your column chart ?


If so you need to show how you are returning the firebase data to the app, and in what format.

I started from the base y gave you in the first 2 pics to simplify the help you can bring me, so the first 2 pics i brought you is all i have, now i copy your pics exactly the same and i got the same pic you posted Also i don't have the "firebase blocks" because i thought it was extremely wrong so i delete that. i have my token and my firebase link correctly setted in the "designer" part, i know it because i can send int data from app inventor to firebase.
Edit: thanks for your soon reply.

Hi ! Me again, i tried my best but i still struggling with this, i came to an old post in this thread, and i intend to copy that, so this is the best i´ve got, but still not working, first pic it´s my blocks, second the image i tried to copy (this image it´s in some point in this thread). i hope someone can help me, thanks again. also i know my blocks are extremely wrong.


is all a terrible muddle

You need to build your columnChart in the Firebase.GotValue event

sorry for that. It would be under the set "global plato" event, right? doing that, my chart doesn´t show any number in the "AguaGrande" column, it´s only an empty column. So with that modification, this is what i have.

So what value is in your tag ComidaGrande? Set the value to a label so you can see it, or check your firebase data.

In firebase, the tag "ComidaGrande" is 20, but in my chart seems to be 0, is an empty column. i´m thinking if could be a problem with the way i call the tag i the "call firebase. get value" event, is it okey to write it in that way ? or should i write a slash o something like "/ComidaGrande"

Depends where that tag is in your firebase data

What is your projectBucket set to, and show your firebase data structure from the console

i´m not sure what are you asking for, but this is my project.
and this are the properties
i want to highlight that i can write numbers from appinventor to firebase. under the "Dispensador_de_alimento" title, specifically in "OrdenAgua" and "OrdenComida".

Set your ProjectBucket in the designer to empty / blank and try again

i´m so thankfull, with that change it works ! Now to finish it, i should make the same with the other 3 tags. But i don´t know where i should put the other blocks to do the same without interfere between each other. i know the next pic is wrong, but i think showing it to you is the easiest way for you to correct my blocks, rather than talking in the air.

Again, sorry for the dumbs questions.